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Silicates are consumed in various industries for their physical & chemical properties according to different applications.

Since 1986, Noble Alchem is engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of silicates such as Potassium Silicates, Sodium Silicates, Mixed Silicates, and Lithium Silicates. We are backed by most modern infrastructural facilities which include a well-equipped and technically advanced production unit, a well-certified quality control wing, a separate R&D wing, and spacious warehousing.

Noble Alchem has given a lot of emphasis on quality management through which we have gained a remarkable position in the domestic as well as international market.

We also cater as per Client specification.

Being a leader in the industry, we are engaged in offering a qualitative range of Silicates to our customers.

>>Potassium Silicate (Liquid, Powder, Glass)                         >> Mixed Silicates (Liquid)

>>Sodium Silicates (Liquid, Powder, Glass)                            >> Lithium Silicates (Liquid)

Silicates for Welding electrodes

Noble Alchem manufactures silicate for welding electrodes. Manufacturing of many industrial elements is based on Welding. To deliver the best quality industrial products, the quality of welded joints has to be perfect, which depends on welding rods and to do so, the manufacturer has to carefully select the welding additives to the composition.

Silicates for CONSTRUCTION

Noble Alchem manufactures silicate for construction. Silicates are the key constituents of many construction materials. They serve their vital role in the following construction activities.

Oil Well Drilling

Noble Alchem manufactures silicate drilling fluids. Noble’s Potassium and Sodium silicates are widely used in drilling fluids to stabilize and avoid the collapse of boreholes.

Concrete finishing & floor polishing

Noble Alchem manufactures lithium silicate densifier. Noble Silicates ranging from high-end lithium based silicates to economical sodium silicates are commonly used in various concrete and finishing applications.

Paints & Coatings

Noble Alchem manufactures potassium silicate paint. Noble silicates are used in a numerous grades of paint and surface coating applications. These are used as binders to produce mineral type silicate paints.

Adhesive systems

Noble Alchem manufactures potassium silicate adhesive.
Silicates are inorganic aqueous based liquids, which are widely used as adhesives for its cost effectiveness & convenient application. Odorless, non-flammable and temperature resistance properties make them an obvious choice in many applications.

For soil grouting & stabilization in civil engineering projects

Silicates in the form of Liquids or solids can be added to cements to accelerate the set. Liquid silicates are used in spray concrete (shotcrete) to provide immediate set.

Acid Proofing and Acid Resistance

Acid resistant brickworks & linings are required in many industrial processes. Noble Potassium Silicates are extremely useful binders for these cements as reaction of acid with potassium silicate produces free silica which is resistant to all acids(except hydrofluoric acid) & minimize porosity.


One of the promising application of potassium silicate is to use as activator for high volume fly ash material. According to Prof. Joseph Davidovits, when the silicate is mixed with fly ash or other aluminosilicate material, it forms a cement like strong building material.

Silicates for AGRICULTURE

Noble Alchem manufactures potassium silicate for plants. Silicon is an essential trace element in numerous plants. One way of providing this product is by using soluble silicates. We recommend the use of Noble potassium silicate, which along with silica provides potassium an essential element for agriculture.

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