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Leading Exporter Of Potassium Silicate

Potassium Silicate (Chemical formula – K₂SiO₃ or K₂O·SiO₂) is derived from the reaction of potassium hydroxide (KOH) with silica (SiO₂), resulting in the formation of potassium silicate.

We are Noble Alchem! #1 Potassium Silicate exporter in the world. Potassium Silicate finds its usage in different applications because of its prominent properties.

Our potassium silicate is manufactured using advanced processes and high-quality raw materials, ensuring superior purity and consistency. This allows our customers to achieve optimal results in their applications, whether it’s in manufacturing or other industrial processes.

With our in-house manufacturing capabilities, we have the flexibility to provide customized solutions to our clients. Whether you need potassium silicate in a specific concentration or in liquid, glass or powder form, we can work closely with you to meet your unique requirements.

Potassium Silicate Applications

Welding electrodes

Potassium silicate is used for soft,low-alloyed steels. Also, Potassium Silicates are favored as it reduces spattering, improves slag mobility and reinforces wear resistance in high-temperature alignments that require chemical stability.

Today, silicates are often the main welding additives and their function widely exceeds that of a simple binder. Smooth Extrusion, Quiet Burning and Low Arc Spattering are some of the attributes, which depend upon the quality of SILICATES.

Concrete Finishing and Floor Polishing

When you add potassium or sodium silicate to concrete mixtures, it speeds up the hardening process and makes the concrete set faster. This is especially useful in making foundations for buildings, digging tunnels underground, and building railroads.

Paints and Coatings

Potassium silicate paints are great for making buildings and metal surfaces look nice while also protecting them.

Adhesive System

Many adhesive systems and the paper industry rely on our Potassium Silicate. The ability of silicates to stick things together is crucial in production.

Soil Grouting and Soil Stabilization

You can speed up the hardening of cement by adding Potassium Silicate and other types of Silicates in liquid or solid form. When you use liquid silicates, they help cement set quickly, especially in spray concrete (shotcrete).

Acid Proofing and Acid Resistance

Industries need bricks and linings that can resist acid in their processes. Noble Potassium Silicates work well for making these because when acid reacts with them, they create free silica that can withstand most acids (except hydrofluoric acid). This also helps reduce tiny holes in the material.


Noble Alchem is a prominent potassium silicate manufacturer for geopolymer industries. Unlike in Portland cement, polycondensation reaction helps to gain strength and it also possesses better thermal and durability properties compared to regular cement.


Our potassium silicate fertilizer is eco-friendly, increases plant strength, improves resistance to diseases and pests, and ultimately leads to higher overall plant productivity.

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