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Titanates for Friction Industry

Titanates are widely utilized in the friction industry because of its high stability of friction properties so it has special significance in various industries. Titanates for friction industry are mixed with other binders, fibers, fillers, friction modifiers used in the formulation of brake pads. Noble Alchem manufactures different types of titanates. Some products are comprised of whiskers, some are fiber free & some are mixed structures based on the requirement.

We, Noble Alchem manufacture different types of Titanates for friction industry.

Titanates for Friction Industry

Titanate and it’s Derivatives like Potassium Titanate, Magnesium Potassium Titanate and Lithium Potassium Titanate have many frictional properties e.g. heat-resistant, abrasion-resistance and micro-reinforcement, etc are used for the friction material and also for reinforcing materials like cement, ceramic, metals, and thermoplastic resins, etc. with more applications.

We at, Noble Alchem manufactures the best range of different types of Titanates for friction industry like Potassium Titanate, Lithium Potassium Titanate and Magnesium Potassium Titanate with effective & timely delivery. The automotive industry uses Titanates for brake pads for its strength, low dielectricity, stiffness, and wear resistance. It is a titanium dioxide compound and used as a friction material for two-wheelers & three wheelers vehicles and is used as a reinforcing material for both metal and plastic. Many industries use it for thermal insulating fiber and for welding rod flux manufacture. Also, it can be featured as high-temperature friction composites and in friction materials as well.


TINOTMF is high-performance reinforced Potassium Titanate Fibers in various size and length.


Noble’s TINOTM FF is high-performance reinforced Potassium Titanate Fibers in various size and length.

Titanates for friction industry are the main key constituent for Brake pads & Brake Lining.

Various parts of countries use various grades of Titanates based on structures and properties. Industries use this in brake linings as a friction additive so as to increase stiffness and mechanical strength and as well as resistance to high temperature. Magnesium and Lithium Potassium Titanate friction materials are mainly used in the disc and drum brake pads, brake ribbons, clutch surfaces, train brakes, motorcycle friction materials, drilling rig brakes, etc. The use of these friction materials increase safety performance and reduce environmental pollution and brake noise, also extend service life. It describes the importance of Titanates for friction industry.

Potassium Titanate is particularly used for brake pads, welding rod application, and other abrasives. It has very low levels of sulphur and phosphorous content. This makes it notably suitable for high-quality welding rods. These Magnesium and Lithium Potassium Titanate friction materials reduce braking noise and black ash pollution and increase the high-temperature performance of brake pads. Companies use Titanates for brake pads, also it reduces the number of heavy metal sulfides such as antimony sulfide and extends the service life of the brake pad.

At Noble Alchem, we have been working in this industry for decades so no matter what your particular requirements are. We are perfectly placed to help you. We provide numerous benefits for your contract processing needs, including ease of raw material handling, highly efficient production processes, rapid and more efficient product mixing. We work with a broad range of different industries and can customize our services to suit what your need is.

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