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Silicate Drilling Fluids

Noble’s Potassium and Sodium silicates are widely used in drilling fluids to stabilize and avoid the collapse of boreholes.

Noble’s silicate drilling fluids are widely used to stabilize and avoid the collapse of boreholes.

Silicate drilling fluids are an extremely effective, environment-friendly and low-cost alternative to oil-based drilling fluids.

Noble’s Potassium and Sodium Silicates for oil well drilling play the following performance benefits: 

Sodium silicate liquid reinforces wellbore walls, preventing instability and countering lost circulation by sealing porous formations. Through reactions, it strengthens weak structures with silica gel. Sodium silicate liquid reduces fluid loss, creates impermeable filter cakes, and enhances cementing. It prevents clay swelling, stabilizes wellbores, and resists corrosion

• Excellent speed of penetration
• Provides stability to swollen, dispersive or fractured shales.
• Improves oil recovery.
• Environment-friendly.
• Very effective medium to control corrosion
• Cost-effective
• Provides better cementing


We can customize as per client’s specifications. We also manufacture Soluble silicates, Potassium Silicate Adhesive are commonly used in the cardboard industry.


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