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Leading Supplier of Potassium Silicate Liquid

Noble Alchem makes different grades of Potassium Silicate Liquid as per customer requirements and applications.

Potassium Silicate liquid possesses unique properties such as fire and heat resistance, alkaline pH, and adhesive qualities. It can harden when exposed to air or heat, forming a protective layer. Its versatile nature makes it valuable in various industries, offering solutions for binding, preservation, pH regulation, and more.

Potassium Silicate Liquid Applications

Potassium Silicate Liquid for Welding Electrode

Potassium silicate liquid, when incorporated into welding electrode coatings, offers benefits like stable binding, heat resistance, slag removal, improved performance, reduced porosity, corrosion resistance, and ease of application.

Potassium Silicate Liquid for Paints

Noble Potassium Silicate Liquid are used in numerous grades of paint and surface coating applications. Due to its properties these paints provide excellent decorative and protective coating for buildings & metal surfaces

Potassium Silicate Liquid for Oil Well Drilling

Our Potassium Silicate Liquid is an extremely effective, environment-friendly and low-cost alternative to oil-based drilling fluids.

Potassium Silicate Liquid for Adhesive and Paper Industry

Our Potassium Silicate Liquid  is widely used in the Adhesive Systems and Paper Industry. They are inorganic aqueous-based liquids, which are widely used as adhesives for its cost-effectiveness & convenient application.

Potassium Silicate Liquid for Soil Grouting and Stabilization

Potassium Silicates in the form of Liquids or solids can be added to cement to accelerate the set. Liquid silicates are used in spray concrete (shotcrete) to provide an immediate set.

Potassium Silicate Liquid for Waterproofing

Waterproofing is most important for the durability of any new and old industries’ structures.Being among the pioneers in the industry, Noble Alchem has specialized in manufacturing silicates for waterproofing chemicals and supplies silicates across the globe for decades.

Potassium Silicate Liquid for Acid proofing and Acid resistance

Potassium silicate liquid is commonly used in construction, manufacturing, and chemical processing industries where protection against acidic substances is crucial. 

Potassium Silicate Liquid for Plants

OurPotassium Silicate Liquid is utilized directly and incorporated into formulations for products consumed within the Agricultural sector.

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