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Leading Exporter of Potassium Silicate Powder

Noble Alchem makes different grades of Potassium Silicate Powder as per customer requirements and applications.

The diverse benefits of potassium silicate powder stem from its ability to strengthen, protect, and enhance various materials and systems. Its versatile applications contribute to improved plant health, sustainable agriculture, and multiple industries.


Potassium Silicate Powder for Welding Electrode

Our Potassium Silicate powder is used in welding electrodes coating for stability, heat resistance, slag removal, improved performance, reduced porosity, corrosion resistance, and environmental friendliness, enhancing weld quality

Potassium Silicate Powder for Geopolymer

One of the promising applications of potassium silicate powder is to be used as an activator for high volume fly ash material. The test study shows that potassium activators enhance the reactivity of the components, lower the initial setting time and thereby improve the compressive strength.

Potassium Silicate Powder for Agriculture

Potassium Silicate Powder aids plants in withstanding environmental stresses like drought and salinity by enhancing water retention and nutrient uptake. It improves nutrient absorption, especially silicon, which bolsters plant structure and protection.

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