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Leading Sodium Silicate Liquid Exporter in the World

Noble Alchem manufactures and exports sodium silicate liquid of various grades for different applications. 

Sodium Silicate Liquid has a water-like appearance, an alkaline pH, and is soluble in water. Due to its adhesive properties, binding ability, and resistance to high temperatures, it finds usage in many applications

Sodium Silicate Liquid Applications

Sodium Silicate Liquid for Welding Electrodes

Our Sodium Silicate Liquid acts as a binding agent and helps hold different parts of the electrode together by acting like glue.The adaptability and cost-effectiveness of our Sodium Silicate Liquid make it a preferred choice for enhancing the performance and durability of welding electrodes across various industries.

Sodium Silicate Liquid for Concrete Finish and Floor Polishing

Sodium Silicate Liquid are used as floor hardener and polisher in industrial sheds. Adding our Sodium Silicate Liquid to concrete admixtures accelerates the hydration and reduces the setting time. For low cost floor densification, it is the perfect solution.

Sodium Silicate Liquid for Adhesive and Paper Industry

Our Sodium Silicate Liquid plays a vital role in the adhesive and paper industries. In adhesives, it acts as a binding agent, while in the paper industry, it aids in the detergent production of pulp.

Sodium Silicate Liquid for Soil Grouting and Soil Stabilization

When combined with cement, Sodium Silicate Liquid acts as an accelerator. This results in quicker binding of soil particles, enhancing the cohesion and load-bearing capacity of the stabilized soil.

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