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Reliable Manufacturer of Potassium Silicate for Paint

Noble silicates are used in a numerous grades of paint and surface coating applications.

Noble silicates are used in numerous grades of paint and surface coating applications. We are the most reliable manufacturers of potassium silicate for paint with two manufacturing facilities strategically situated at two different locations in India. Not only manufacture, we are a leading exporter of Potassium Silicate Liquid for paint application .

Our company is reckoned in manufacturing a comprehensive line of potassium silicates for paint which is highly durable and soluble in water rather than petrochemical.

Addition of our potassium silicate to paints makes the paint free of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), preventing algae formation and maintaining environmental friendliness

Potassium Silicate Coating

Of all the new coating technologies that are becoming accessible, Potassium Silicate coating technology is perhaps the most significant as it is based on non-petrochemical raw materials. Extensive life can be expected if combined correctly by inorganic substrates as they are chemically consistent.

Potassium silicate coatings are often used as protective, high-performance solutions for a variety of surfaces, including concrete floors, metal, and industrial equipment. They are used as binders to produce mineral type silicate paints.

Why is Potassium silicate coating preferred over sodium silicate?

Due to its properties Potassium Silicate paint provides excellent decorative and protective coating for buildings & metal surfaces. Potassium Silicate is preferred over sodium silicate as it does not form carbonates on exposure to atmosphere and remains free from frosty bloom (white carbonate deposits).

Potassium silicates are used for zinc rich anti-corrosion coatings whereas Sodium Silicates are used to coat TiO2 pigments.


We can customize as per client’s specifications. We also Manufacture Potassium Silicates Liquid Binders for Waterproofing.


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