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Potassium silicate is widely used in 3D printing technology.

Potassium Silicate powder for geopolymer

Noble Alchem can provide you Potassium Silicate powder for geopolymer.

One of the promising applications of potassium silicate is to use as an activator for high volume fly ash material. The test study shows that potassium activators enhance the reactivity of the components, lower the initial setting time and thereby improve the compressive strength. Today potassium silicate powder for geopolymer is widely used as it is a favorable new cement alternative in the field of construction materials. According to Prof. Joseph Davidovits, when the silicate is mixed with fly ash or other aluminosilicate material, it forms a cement-like strong building material. It’s called “geopolymer” and can be made using industry by-products together with alkali silicates.

Noble Alchem is a prominent potassium silicate manufacturer for geopolymer industries. Unlike in Portland cement, polycondensation reaction helps to gain the strength and it also possesses better thermal and durability properties compared to regular cement. Geopolymer has been used in many other applications such as coating, spraying, plastering, and more recently in 3D concrete printing.


Building and construction team from NTU, Singapore developed a green printable material using this geopolymer technology. Class F grade fly ash was used with different grades of potassium silicate and other additives to formulate a 3D printable concrete (see the image below).

More details: https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/ntu-3d-prints-greener-concrete

Inorganic Polymer is a more common term used for geopolymer. It offers equivalent performance to traditional cementitious binders in numerous ranges of utilization and we provide silicates for geopolymer. Due to its specialized advantages on ordinary concrete e.g. higher compressive strength, higher chemical resistance, less hydration heat, good sulfate attack resistance and good resistance to acid, today Industries are using geopolymer as a part of various field applications likes beams, bricks, boat ramp, pavement, water tanks, retaining wall and precast bridge decks. Noble Alchem manufactures and exports potassium silicate powder for geopolymer to different industries.

Silicate Geopolymer in Construction

Today, Concrete is the most manufactured and used building material worldwide. It is strong and cheap but also has many environmental drawbacks. The cement production industry causes CO2 emissions. It requires high temperatures, around 1400 °C, with consequent high energy emissions and dispersion to manufacture cement. Each cement production cycle releases about one ton of CO2 during fossil fuel combustion and the limestone calcination.

Due to all of these environmental drawbacks, geopolymer is becoming an eco-friendly substitute to concrete in order to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and being a responsible manufacturer we provide the best quality silicates for geopolymer.

Geopolymers are a comparatively new category of construction materials and we are among the leading potassium silicate manufacturers geopolymer company. It doesn’t need calcium-silicate-hydrate gel however utilize the polycondensation of silicates and alumina precursors to attain a superior strength level. Geopolymer materials are typically synthesized using an aluminosilicate material and an activating solution that is especially composed of alkalis of sodium or potassium and waterglass.

Due to the numerous enticing properties, this technology is receiving increasing attention in various application fields like light-weight panels for thermal, acoustic isolation, refractory filters, and low-value ceramics and fireplace protection structures. Noble Alchem produces a supreme quality of potassium silicate powder for geopolymer for the manufacturing of various applications in the construction industry.


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